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John QuayleπŸ… 900

Chief of Staff at Four Growers

Pittsburgh, United States
Experienced enterpreneur. CoS & COO mindset. Operations focused - growing companies from $100k to $10M in revenue through SOPs (Ops / Fin / HR).
Naera KimπŸ… 900

Business Development at THE MACHINE.

Pittsburgh, United States
THE MACHINE. We build iconic brands that connect to deliver organic growth.
WHAT WE DO: Brand Strategy, Creative, Performance Marketing, Production.
Damola IdowuπŸ… 900

CEO & Co-Founder at Toyz Electronics

Pittsburgh,, United States
Serial hip hop entrepreneur, innovator, author, journalist, songwriter, musician, engineer, publisher, executive, educator, technologist. Studied mechanical engineering and economics at Syracuse and Howard. Won engineering competition at 18.
Rob SantoroπŸ… 900

CEO/Co-Founder at Dization

Pittsburgh, United States
Bootstrapped co-founder at Dization. Building SaaS software tools to help small businesses succeed in this challenging environment. Bringing advanced technologies to small businesses cheaply, and easy for them to use.
Mark AdkinsπŸ… 900

CEO of LeanMed - Mission Driven Innovation

Greensburg, United States
CEO of LeanMed, which brings essential medtech to underserved regions. Serves as vice chair of the PDMA, is a professor & advisor to Pitt’s Ctr. for Medical Innovation and founder of Velocity, a student accelerator that applies Lean Startup.
Herb GillilandπŸ… 900

Owner, Proprieter at Fantastic! Inc.

New Kensington, United States
Creative, serial entrepreneur who loves creative enterprise; Graphics Engineering Guru, Webmaster, Full-stack Engineer, App developer
Adam ButchyπŸ… 900

Co-founder of HEARTio

Pittsburgh, United States
Co-founder of a digital diagnostic start-up that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning to detect cardiovascular issues more quickly, and more accurately than ever before.
Jackson FitzgeraldπŸ… 900

Co-Founder of Hedge

Pittsburgh, United States
Recent college graduates on a mission to add Fintech functionality to the sports gaming industry.
Aaron WatsonπŸ… 900

CEO @ Piper Creative

Pittsburgh, United States
Building the best resource for helping businesses grow on YouTube, TikTok, and Podcasts.
RJ ThompsonπŸ… 900

Creative Strategist with +Public

Pittsburgh, United States
10+ year professor, 17+ in marketing & 24+ designer. Currently doing marketing, design, and student engagement at Pitt Business. Co-Founder of +Public, a B-Corp social enterprise.
Ian MagazineπŸ… 900

President and Chief Executive Officer at Airviz Inc.

Pittsburgh, United States
Wall Street Investment Banker turned Entrepreneur. 1st startup sold for $35B. Unearthing, building, and growing transformative emerging technology companies from startup through maturity and exit, creating meaningful returns for all stakeholders.
Peter MoulderπŸ… 900

President, Buisness Devlopment at M3-Systems

Pittsburgh, United States
Experienced Business Development. Currently, developing AI App for Healthcare Providers. App optimizesPpatient Management procedures by optimal sequencing of ICD-10 transactions sequencing.
Matthew DwormanπŸ… 900

5x founder, CEO at Touchwood Labs

Pittsburgh, United States
Touchwood Labs is revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. Touchwood’s proprietary invisible displays magically come to life through the surfaces of our furniture and surroundings.
Focusing on the future of work, education, and play.
Emily MercurioπŸ… 900

Co-founder and CEO of CivicMapper, Geoscience PhD, Climate/Water nerd

Pittsburgh, United States
I create innovative and data-driven solutions that support decisions at the intersection of our natural and built environments. #climate #infrastructure #geodata #WaterIsLife
Bruce GayπŸ… 900

Founder at Astrevo

Pittsburgh, United States
Seasoned program manager with experience managing creative teams that incorporate user-centered design and design thinking into their product development. Lived through two startup acquisitions by multi-nationals.
Alethea WielandπŸ… 900

Pittsburgh's Life Sciences Ambassador and Start-up Maven

Wexford, United States
Entrepreneur, Founder of Life Sciences Executive Management Consulting Firm and CRO [Clinical Research Strategies, LLC] with expertise in building companies and teams to Think, Evolve and Endure.
Kevin MurphyπŸ… 900

Project Management and Product Delivery Consultant

Glenshaw, United States
Experienced, tested Project Management and Product Development Consultant with a mission to see more Pittsburgh startups succeed and achieve their dreams.
Barry RabkinπŸ… 900

Helping exceptional companies achieve exceptional growth

Pittsburgh, United States
Award-winning marketing leader and 40 under 40, with 15 years of success ranging from venture-backed startups to Fortune 500 companies. Planned, launched, and marketed over 100 products that have sold millions of units. Learn more @
Panickos NeophytouπŸ… 900

Co-founder and CTO at NetBeez

Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh. Co-founded NetBeez in 2013 and been hussling since then.
Mark KovscekπŸ… 900

Founder and CEO

A mathematician, inventor, and entrepreneur. I spent my career consulting, building product, and delivering solutions to address multi-billion dollar challenges. My passion is mathematics and using advanced analytics to address real-world problems.
Michele MigliuoloπŸ… 900

I mentor and coach entrepreneurs, and create companies

Pittsburgh, United States
Experienced executive in manufacturing and sales of scientific capital equipment and analytical instruments. I know start-ups from every side of the table: as a founder of 5 tech companies, an angel investor; and an adviser and coach to startups
Jason LangeπŸ… 900

EdTech / Enterprise SaaS Founder (BloomBoard)

PITTSBURGH, United States
Experienced entrepreneur, advisor, and angel investor, focused on education technology and large-scale enterprise SaaS companies. Reach out if you think I can be helpful!
Stefano GridelliπŸ… 900

NetBeez Co-Founder and CEO

Pittsburgh, United States
Computer Science graduate and MBA. Former Network Engineer for large healthcare system. NetBeez cofounder and CEO.
Justin MastrangeloπŸ… 900Mentor

I heart startups, growth hacking, and digital marketing.

Pittsburgh, United States
For more than 15 years, I have helped create, implement, and optimize hundreds of results-driven digital marketing campaigns spanning multiple platforms and industries, as well as my own startups.
Kevin KellyπŸ… 900

Co-Founder and CEO at Rhabit

Pittsburgh, United States
Just a tech boi trying to figure things out. I spend a lot of time thinking about the science of people at work and where that intesects with technology.
Marshall ConoverπŸ… 900

Building a universal subscription to the web.

Pittsburgh, United States
Working on PoWRS to create a universal subscription for the web. Employed at ANSYS, Inc. working on cloud infrastructure for BMW's automated cars, hobbyist go developer and plan 9 community organizer, sci-fi nerd. Degree in Journalism, published in astrophysics.
Jennifer SydeskiπŸ… 900

Connect Wolf (founder/ceo)

Pittsburgh, United States
Experienced in diagnostics development, FDA & state DOH regulation, scaling, operations, quality assurance, and reimbursement in a start-up environment // Building the Future of Health with user-focused products // The lady with that baby thing.
Michael ResslerπŸ… 900

CTO at Diamond Kinetics

Pittsburgh, United States
CTO at Diamond Kinetics. Former CEO & Founder of StatEasy. I love IoT tech stacks and open APIs. Happy to help you on your journey if I'm able :)
Kit MuellerπŸ… 900

Serial Tummler

Pittsburgh, United States
Full-stack Entrepreneurial Community Builder with a demonstrated history of success in the software and creative industries. Skilled in Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Fundraising, and Investing.
Steve MorrowπŸ… 850

CFO at Forest Devices

Pittsburgh, United States
A MedTech Entrepreneur in Pittsburgh. Glad to help the community however I can.
Doug BlackπŸ… 820

Founder of tripleNERDscore, creators of Hey Check It and

McKees Rocks, United States
Serial bootstrapped entrepreneur with background in tech. Lover (and developer) of indie apps to empower businesses of all sizes. Strong desire to impact local neighborhoods. How can I help?
Amy ReeseπŸ… 900

Marketing Manager at Allvision IO

Pittsburgh, United States
Tech-minded marketing professional with experience in hardware, software, medical devices, and startups.
Matt KesingerπŸ… 820

CEO at Forest Devices

Pittsburgh, United States
Medical school in Pittsburgh
Master's in managemnet from CMU
Leading acadmic researcher in prehospital stroke detection
Chris BorlandπŸ… 820

Chief Product Officer at Civic Champs

Pittsburgh, United States
A serial entrepreneur who loves to build awesome companies around using mobile, location, and game technologies especially ones that can make a difference.
Brian AldermanπŸ… 820

Climate Fintech Entrepreneur. Systems Thinker. Non-Conformist.

Pittsburgh, United States
Product Manager and Storyteller with deep interdisciplinary knowledge from technology to theatre to business; worked with large financial services firms, growing fintech startups, transforming healthcare payers, and small performing arts non-profits.
Patrick SayersπŸ… 820

Director of FP&A at Pineapple Payments | Co-Founder at Plates Social

Pittsburgh, United States
Fintech, finance, and transaction enthusiast currently working on some startups and studying the law.
Roger HarrisπŸ… 820

CTO | Hardly

Dallas, United States
Responsible for overseeing strategy and development for technology at Hardly.
Joe BartelsπŸ… 820

CEO & Co-founder at Phlux Technologies

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Hardware tech founder. Spinning out 3D computer vision tech from CMU's Robotic's Institute.
Alex HeitπŸ… 820

Vice President at VISIMO

Pittsburgh, United States
Experienced strategic leader with a background in tech, policy, and government relations.
Benjamin AzzamπŸ… 820

Partner at Lexicon Design

Pittsburgh, United States
Partner and Business Development Lead for Lexicon Design, an Industrial design and Mechanical engineering agency. We have many years of experience bringing successful products to market. Reach out if your company needs help or guidance!
Matt DulacπŸ… 820

Co-Founder @ Komodo Analytics

Pittsburgh, United States
Former corporate attorney turned entrepreneur.
Christopher KerchevalπŸ… 820

3D Reality Capture Consultant

Pittsburgh, United States
Founder/CEO, Speaker, Educator of TopKervConsulting. Specializing in 3d data capture and cadastral education.
Gary KilianyπŸ… 820

CEO Interstacks - Industrial IoT. Experienced tech startup founder.

Pittsburgh, United States
CMU ECE. Co-founded DynaVox Systems. Grew to 200 employees and acquisition. Spun out Interstacks from MAYA Design (now BCG) distributed computing research. Interstacks does modular hardware plus cloud Saas platform for Industrial IoT.
Evgeny KostromskoyπŸ… 820

PorchShip founder

Pittsburgh, United States
Building a second B2B2C startup. Failed for the first time. I'm happy to help!
Tommy NguyenπŸ… 820

founder at Vocalkid

Pittsburgh, United States
Experienced medical device quality engineer and bootstrapping entrepreneur focused on making rasing bilingual kids more creative, personal and fun.
Jared RaszewskiπŸ… 820

Founder at DisSolves

Pittsburgh, United States
First time Founder at DisSolves. Background in chemical engineering and packaging. Happy to help other entrepreneurs when I can.
Doug RogersπŸ… 820

Product Development Manager at Marinus Analytics

Pittsburgh, United States
full stack coffee drinker
Emily SiegelπŸ… 820

Founder & CEO at Trek Gum

Pittsburgh, United States
PGH entrepreneur focused on making consumer products more sustainable. Starting with chewing gum.
Peter SchrammπŸ… 820

Your dreams are a mentor away - inspire potential and ignite the fire inside

Butler, United States
Farm > student-athlete > world traveler > engineer > program manager > entrepreneur > game changer! Mentor, innovator, energizer.
Scot MacTaggartπŸ… 820Mentor

Founder of Pitchwerks, the AI-enabled pitch practice gym.

Pittsburgh, United States
Founder of Pitchwerks and KRNLS, advocate for Pittsburgh and its innovation scene.
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