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Tailored Programming: The Right Support At The Right Time There are two points in time when hardware companies are best equipped to fundraise and scale successfully:When they have identified their first target market and proven that customers will pay to use their product,   and When they’re ready to manufacture at scale. AlphaLab Gear helps companies reach these points faster through investment, deep one-on-one engagement, network building, office space, and a la carte resources on topics such as sales, digital marketing, customer acquisition, business operations, human resources, fundraising, and manufacturing. We help companies build their products reliably, at scale, and at a price their customers are willing to pay.

Investment: AlphaLab Gear companies can receive up to $50,000 investment.AlphaLab Gear is a program of Innovation Works, which regularly ranks as one of the top seed-stage investors in the U.S. Qualifying AlphaLab Gear companies are eligible for additional funding from the Innovation Works Seed Fund.

Mentorship: Our mentor network is one of the most valuable aspects of AlphaLab Gear. Companies benefit from the guidance of entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors who have developed and launched products, raised capital and negotiated manufacturing and distribution partnerships.Companies have opportunities to meet 1-on-1 with mentors during meetup events, talks, or through personal introductions. Mentors are able to provide relevant strategic and tactical guidance to companies that is specific to each company’s industry, stage and goals. Check out our mentors here.AlphaLab Gear, AlphaLab, AlphaLab Health, and Innovation Works collectively have an extensive alumni network of over 300 companies, many of which remain engaged with our current companies, offering expertise and guidance. Check out the AlphaLab Gear, AlphaLab, AlphaLab Health, and Innovation Works company pages to see our portfolio and alumni companies.
Investors & Customers: AlphaLab Gear has an extensive network of investors and corporate partners. Many of our companies find their first investors, customers, suppliers, advisors, and other partners through introductions from our network.


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